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the ganhi element - Marseille

is an association (loi 1901) founded by Denise Lasagni and Gildas Kokodoko in 2015.

In 2017 Koko Lewis settings is born,  to join our names and our zest in vital projects!

épilogue – entité | epilog - entity | Epilog – Gesamtheit


our predominant motivation is to introduce, to graft a kind of activator1 to our daily routine, thus generating some signs of altruistic presence. this intent is based on the hypothesis that cultural identity emerges into visibility where the primordial sensation exists - people feeling connected, through their geographical and empathic situation, such as landscape2, climate, family, friends, encounters, their financial and professional visions originating situations able to launch a condition of "relatedness".


this condition of " relatedness" will be transported like an offering wherever people are traveling, mind and body. through this moving act situations will be initiated obviously manifesting encounter and relation of contemporary cultures towards one another. the "relatedness" - or a part of it, has been brought and docked here and there, ephemeral, informal, or consciously initiated and visionary guided (>< guided into visions) opening up a parenthesis between the behavior and comprehension of a "site specific entity".


unfolding these manifestations of relation whilst focusing on moving identities - besides the idea of "personality", allows to embody, to marry a geographic language society with "citizen caractères" and empathic behavior.


within that contemporary empathic paradigm KOKO LEWIS is probing  the idea of "relationship", and is challenged to dissolve apparently opposites and diverging, multi- and bipartite, ex- and concentric terms to become unstable moving identities, beyond their ontological state of being3, towards an appearing visible movement of connected minds.







multiples philosophical concepts about effective altruism as part of what I call a contemporary "vagabond identity" touches the predominant panel of contemplation, investigation, essay and prospecting on which KOKO LEWIS is working on and releasing for public use.


KOKO LEWIS intends to reveal signs of humanities4 and "poetic mental activity"5 by organizing events focusing on concepts about identities at the intersection of academic analysis and civic engagement, their implantation into the local environment towards mankind's cultural spine – generating generations of "compound identities".

cultivating the relational as a tool – what I name the "sentier dispositif" to critically transform the perspectives to generate mind, notion and ideas.


this modus operandi of "relational mindset" unfolds manifestations of the relational and enters ample domains of daily life, by the simple fact of it's inter-action initiated by the structure thus forming

> related identities > itinerary > relational > referenced > moving > fragile > errant > uncertain > "permeable identity".


Denise Lasagni 

aka Koko Lewis

© June 2016

Koko Lewis settings are

Denise Lasagni and Gildas Kokodoko

1 activator: consciousness to show, to communicate the engagement towards others, external commitment (outside ourselves)

2 a contemplative sense of a geographical situation, not territory

3 grammar present of the verb to be

4 multiple forms of humanity/humanness, and not the scientific term of the humanities > die Geisteswissenschaften)

5 mindful and attentive about an intelligence of poetic sensibility

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