photographic sketch  (1st of September 2018)


A careful staging of fast photographic shots materializes stretched frames into propelling thinking paths. These photographic sketches show an accurate translation of the primordial idea to generate compound identities, in a moment where evidence and unconsciousness play together and mark the path on the intersection of global understanding and perception of infinite identity concepts. 


Thus intriguing our thinking paradigms with notions of « acting » to enliven our own paradigms in our minds, to spell them into a constant move towards an accidental relational appearing and its relatedness.


This courageous - since acting, mind setting offers a remarkably relational mindset. Ready to be recognized and sent out towards parent movements of blended identities and even towards the eye of the originator himself. 


It represents a kind of federation of ephemeral interrogations of a moment donné. A citizen’s engagement to embody concerns of intellectual splits in dialogues revealing poetic thinking, narrative gestures and genuine acts. 


A depiction as a transitory proof of ephemeral materialization of a thinking process into a consciousness related to an existence of a state of mind, a state of physical emergence. Referring continually to his own being, his own voice, the proof moves constantly towards the surrounding concepts. Once they step beyond their first, inaugural* appearance, they change perspectives about possible interpretations, analogies and cognition into visions.


Some visions display on your mind and eye, some are moving towards notions of communication, and even towards their own mountain of accumulated identities, in a compound, a paradigm of generated identities. Visuals in a clearly dusty sketch born to fade, visually overwhelmed by the speed of his initiated pictured instability, permeable to thoughts and minds moving in and out their terrain, trespassing welcome!

*  in a sense of acting, creating, showing the being