photographic sketch — showcase rue Chevalier Roze, Marseille

aiguilles et eurythmie installation

booth The Novelist

la poussière présentement

suite: Atlantic swell

The Novelist, Marseille 1st of September 2018


On September 1st in Marseille, during the la Rentrée de l'Art Contemporain, off Art-O-Rama and lots of parallel exhibition openings everywhere in the city, a show named the Novelist is inaugurated. 

The exhibition embraces a bipartite concept, presenting an installation in the studio and a slideshow in the vitrine facing the street. 

The show represents a status quo of a working phase realized since the end of July 2018 until today in the studio situated in 19, rue Chevalier Roze (integrated in the site of Code South Way Studio).


During one month some kind of a three-dimensional magazine displays the enhancement of a conceptual work revolving around compound identities*. 

Studying and continuing to re-enact the possible relationships between these objects and the appearing thinking about the objects themselves and their new established relatedness, reveals the main concern of the Novelist’s research and artist’s practice since two years.

These progressed investigations are initiated to be shown subsequently in an improved context. The installation as a translation into matter of a ballooned flow of related minds deploying continuously visuals on the current refined path.


The slideshow presents an orchestrated scenographic staging of photo sketches to witness the evolution of these partly ephemeral works, referenced studies, future projects sketches, drawings, material studies and a table in situ created by the collective Bella Hunt & DDC becoming the major actor and literally porteur d’idées.


The television screen appeals to the passerby of the borough République/Vieux Port in the city center,  which shows one of a multitude of cultural peculiarities of this mediterranean metropole,  a residents street intermittent with formerly traditional stores of (arts and) crafts, nowadays visited by tourists and cruise ship passengers. 

Abandoned by the municipality and imperiled by speculating investment projects, these « dwellings » are actually converted into a cultural producer street with studios, artist run spaces and galleries enabling the residents to appreciate the promenade along their newly enlivened street.








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