Princess 1998 ivy partially paint with white gouache, structure chrome tubes, h 300 cm studio view

Princess and Princess Dawn

Princess Dawn 1998 digital print of Polaroids taken inside the objet 'Princess' 70 x 114 cm

Sandman 1998 digital print of Polaroid taken from an ephemeral sculpture (size sculpture 200 x 300 cm) size variable

Sandman and Sandman Dusk

Sandman Dusk 1998 digital print of Polaroids size variable

Alex Katz 1998 ivy, silicon, snell, wood 100 x 177 cm

Ivy 1997 ivy, plastic, sprayed color, structure chrome tubes, 220 x 140 x 100 cm studio view

Ivy 1997 exhibition view 'Stepping Up' Andrew Mummery Gallery, London 1997