the ganhi element - compound identities




> a platform as an open dialogue board to welcome and networking relation between cultural producers, researchers, explorers, writers, artists, philosophers, composers, scientists - professionals or amateurs, him's and her's


> relational mindset


> cultivating the relational as a tool to critically transform the perspectives to generate mind, notion and ideas (« sentier-dispositif »)


> poetic mental activity


> focusing on moving identities (besides the idea of 'personality')  to embody a geographic, language  society with citizen 'caractères'


> exchanging dialogue and database considering creation/production (material and immaterial) within emerging cultural identities, questioning the possibilities to move and focus at the same time to relate moving/identity


> within the existing paradigms of site specific life (and beings)


> knowledge, cognition, information, participation, shows a project for public use!

logs / publications / lectures / venus / in the moving domain called culture 'spheres'